Lean 14

Commit to going ALL-OUT For 14 Minutes Per Day and You Could

Melt 14 Pounds Of Fat In 14 Days

From Home, Without Equipment or Stepping Foot In the Gym

No Cardio. No Supplements. No Starvation. No Gimmicks. 

Just a Proven Home Workout System and a Promise to Push Your Limits for a Few Minutes Each Day.

"Effortless" fat loss…

Sorry… there's no such thing.

Losing weight takes work...

Especially if you want visible results fast... and especially if you want PERMANENT results.

That's the plain truth (the only thing we deal in around here).

Anyone who says otherwise is feeding you lies.

But (and this is a HUGE "but")...

That doesn't mean you need to starve, waste away on the treadmill, or go to the gym each day
And it doesn't mean you can't lose the weight and get results you can see and feel in days
Even if you're a busy guy and don’t have much time to spare
14 Minutes Per Day At Home

With an innovative, new way to workout -- called Density Stacking -- 14 minutes is all it takes to burn more fat than you ever thought possible (like a blowtorch to a stick of butter).

With a Density Stacking home workout, you don’t just exercise...

You reprogram your body to burn fat and calories efficiently and around-the-clock...

So no matter where you are or what you’re doing -- working, sleeping, driving, watching TV, even folding your underwear -- you burn fat and get leaner, automatically.

In other words...

I can't promise effortless weight loss (it doesn’t exist), but give me 14 minutes of effort per day...

And I can give you a proven fat-loss shortcut and help you lose the extra weight, flatten your belly, and build your best body ever...

  • In less time
  • With less hassle and restrictions
  • Without hunger or "off-limits" foods
  • Without flipping your life upside-down or obsessing about getting it "perfect"
Is Density Stacking the missing link you’ve been looking for?
Do you…
  • Want to get lean (potentially very lean) without spending hours in the gym each day?
  • Struggle to lose weight despite cutting calories and watching what you eat?
  • Gain weight at the smallest "slip-up"?
  • Have trouble staying consistent with other workout programs?
  • Find any weight you do lose "yo-yoes" right back onto your waistline?
  • Carry most of your unwanted weight on your chest, belly, or lower back?
  • Has lots of cardio or jogging failed to work for you in the past?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, upgrading your metabolism with these short-but-intense workouts will help 

You don’t even have to go to the gym or buy a single piece of gear

These are bodyweight home workouts with zero equipment

The Tradeoff for Rapid Results
in Minutes Per Day?

Nothing in life is free.

The chiseled six-pack you’re about to build is no exception.

If you want to believe the "effortless" hype, good luck. But the proven fat-loss formula on this page won’t work for you.

To get into the best shape of your life in minutes per day...

There’s a price to pay

It’s paid in sweat.

(you do know that "sweat is your fat crying" don't you? HA!)

Density Stacking workouts are crazy effective... but they’re no walk in the park.

They’re tough (in the good, feel-accomplished way... not the hours-of-boredom way).

They will CHALLENGE you. To get results, you need to go as hard as you can.

It’s not for everybody. That’s OK. 

But if the thought of rising to a challenge for a few minutes per day is music to your ears...

And you’re ready to put that determination towards...

Melting fat from your abs

Toning up your chest and arms

Erasing your love handles

You’ve found your home

Like the thousands of “Beasts” before you...

Who prove there’s no force on Earth as powerful as a man on a mission...

And who -- as a result of that commitment to go hard -- changed their physiques in record time...

Working “Hard" Doesn’t Mean:
Repetitive or Boring

It means you find YOUR limit -- what YOU’RE currently capable of...

Then, every workout, you push slightly beyond that limit, forcing your body to grow fitter, leaner, more efficient.

Do that, and...

The fat can fly off... and stay off GUARANTEED

It doesn’t matter…

  • If you have 10 pounds to lose or 100
  • How old you are
  • If you have poor genetics, have never exercised, and have been overweight your entire life...
If You’re Skeptical About That... Good!
I was a fitness industry "insider" for years.

Sponsored by the biggest names.

The "face" of the largest brands around.

Knew all the players and their dirty secrets

That’s why I left.
Too many lies, gimmicks, and fads.

None of it will get you anywhere and I know you don’t want to hear it anymore
You want proof -- real proof -- that this works... that it already worked for time-strapped guys like you... and most of all, proof it will work FOR YOU
That’s where Density Stacking comes in.

Density Stacking is a unique, time-saving workout technique that helps guys who can’t afford to spend hours in the gym torch body fat with a few minutes of targeted, dynamic exercise each day

Thousands of busy men are proof it works.

They’re from all walks of life... of all ages and fitness levels... from beginners to gym veterans.

It’s unlike anything else.

Don’t worry: you’ll get the hang of it by the end of your first workout.

What makes it different (and better)?

We don’t count reps or sets.

We go all-out for a specific period of time. Then we rest for another very specific period of time. Then we go all-out again... but take less rest.

The next time we workout, we change the exercises up and attack it again.

Training like this…

  • Raises your fat-burning hormones (like irisin)
  • Grows muscle (by spiking testosterone and growth hormone)
  • Rewires your metabolism to burn hot all day (by increasing thermogenesis)

That’s why it gets better results in less time. It’s like 5 hours of exercise packed into 14 minutes.


The proven Density Stacking intervals responsible for the transformations above were recently modified to ignite even larger spikes in metabolism and burn more fat in even less time

You won’t find anything like this on YouTube. Or in a book, magazine, or other online program.

No trainer in your town knows what you’re about to discover.

It’s not a rehashed idea dressed up as something innovative.

This is brand-new.

It will change your physique forever.

My Name is Fabian Petrina
They call me Fat Blaster Petrina.

OK, no one calls me that.

Can you imagine?

That would be absurd!

(btw, if you don’t like stupid jokes, you should probably “X” out of this tab now… I can’t promise there aren’t more on the way!)


In addition to holding the title of World’s Funniest German Guy (which isn’t hard because Germans are way too serious)...

I’m also the Founder of a home-fitness company called Basement Beast

Basement Beast Has One Simple Value

Every Guy -- No Matter How Busy -- Deserves To Build A Body He’s Proud Of

The way I see it: fitness is a human right.

Your human right.

Even if you only have a few minutes to squeeze your workout in between work, taking kids to school, being there for family and friends, doing chores, and the million things demanding your time.

If you’ve always felt like you had to choose between your life and your physique... that it wasn’t possible to have both...

I’ve been there and I know it sucks (my story is below).

It doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why every Basement Beast program is convenient and can be done at home with very little equipment (or in this case, no equipment).

It’s also why nearly 30,000 men (we call them “Beasts”) have joined our movement to topple an industry filled with lies and misinformation...

To prove hard work isn’t dead...

And to show you can build a jaw-dropping body from home, with very little equipment, in minutes per day.

  • If you’ve ever had trouble fitting fitness into your time-strapped life...
  • If you’ve wondered what workout to do to get maximum results in minimum time...
  • If you just want truth and results and you’re sick of gimmicks and empty promises...
  • If you want a practical, no-nonsense, FUN way to scorch fat...
  • If NOTHING else has worked for you because it was impossible to stick to or it didn’t give you results you could see fast enough...

Basement Beast Is For You

A quick workout program you can get done fast and then get on with your life is half the equation

It’s for nothing if you don’t get visible results

That’s where I come in.

For years I was one of the top professional fitness models in the business, with full page ads in every major fitness magazine in America, including...

Muscle & Fitness, Muscular Development, Flex, and Muscle and Performance.

Internationally in places like Brazil, China, and Germany...

At FIBO - Europe’s largest fitness expo...

Even at the Olympia - the largest physique competition on Earth.

I got paid to stay in shape and had ZERO other responsibilities.

Three hours working out each day (sometimes twice)...

Hour-long cardio sessions...

Meticulously planning and measuring 6 perfectly portioned and precisely timed meals every morning...

I had the time for it and I looked great.

In 2016 everything changed.

"This is no way to live life..."

It started slowly.

One little word started to haunt my thoughts...


My life was lopsided.

Workout, grocery store, kitchen, sleep… repeat.

Meanwhile my friends were traveling the world, getting married and having families, going out to restaurants and bars, building careers they were proud of...

I had none of that... and wanted it.

If you’re here, I’m sure you want that kind of balance too.

Who wouldn’t?

Combine that with my growing disgust with the mainstream fitness industry... I was due for a change.

It didn’t happen gradually...

One night I was alone in bed in my oversized Las Vegas flat... and I had a vision of my future if I continued with fitness modeling.

It terrified me.

I left Vegas the next day

I didn’t pack.

I didn’t "make a plan."

I just walked out of my apartment, got in my car, and drove to California.

From there, I returned to Hawaii, where I lived as a teenager and where my Mom still lived (and where I now live again).

Then reality set in.

I didn’t want fitness to be my entire life...
But I still wanted to be fit

It’s dumb in hindsight (what can I say, I’m thick-skulled)...

I now realize this is how 99% of guys feel.

It doesn’t make you greedy or unreasonable. It makes you human.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry doesn’t care.

  • They either shell you half-assed workouts that take little time, but get no results...
  • Make insane promises about supplements that get you ripped without exercising or changing your diet (which they know isn’t true)...
  • Or go the other direction and say you must live in the gym and eat a perfect diet with nothing but bland foods, no room for mistakes, and an obsessive schedule revolving around eating every 3 hours.

The point is... I had NO clue how hard it would be to live a full life while staying in shape

There wasn’t enough time in the day to have a full life while also going through the marathon 2-3 hour workouts I did every day

(I think the technical term is "butterball")

I yo-yoed for months.

I’d get softer and softer until I couldn’t take the sight of myself any longer...

Then I’d toss life aside and work out like crazy again.

Soon I’d get frustrated with the lack of balance and start cutting workouts short, or blowing them off entirely.

It wasn’t what I’d hoped for.

The most effective fitness plan on Earth is worthless if it’s impossible to stick to

It didn’t matter that I knew every secret under the Sun for gaining muscle, getting shredded, and looking amazing.

If you can’t stick to something… it’s worthless.

That’s common sense.

But the ENTIRE fitness industry is blind to it.

They don’t understand what a reasonable, effective workout program looks like for most men... and that it’s absolutely necessary.

If you take nothing away from this page and permanently forget about me and Basement Beast, that’s cool...

But please remember this anytime you see an ad or website pitching a program that isn’t built around being easy to stick to.

If consistency is not baked-in, from the ground-up, that program WON’T WORK

It doesn’t matter if it’s...

  • The best workout ever...
  • The most scientifically-backed diet on Earth...
  • The newest, hottest fad in the country...

It doesn’t even matter if you’re FULLY dedicated.

If the program takes too much time... or forces you to eat a rigid, restrictive diet you hate...

The wheels will fall off.

That’s the hamster wheel I found myself on.

Of course, I figured it out. “Quick fitness” became my life’s calling.

And now Basement Beast and I can help you destroy your fitness goals, get shredded, and sport a set of amazing abs...

  • No matter how busy you are…
  • Without sacrificing your life…
  • Without giving up your favorite foods or going on an extremely restrictive diet.

First, I want you to know it is possible, even if you don’t think so right now or have been disappointed by everything you tried in the past.

I’m living proof.

The tens of thousands of busy men I’ve helped get the body of their dreams are too.

I’ve lost count of the number of guys who’ve told me they couldn’t stick to any program with any consistency...

Until they discovered Density Stacking and Basement Beast

Here’s the crazy part:
The answer was under my nose the entire time!

To understand what I mean, let’s rewind 7 years or so... to the start of my fitness transformation.

I’ll spare you the details but basically it was like this...

  • I was raised by a single mother in Germany
  • My entire childhood I was a skinny, shy, and awkward.
  • When I was in high school we immigrated to the Hawaii, so on top of being skinny, shy, and awkward, I was also a “strange sounding foreigner” in a new school (with no friends)
  • Then a lower leg defect I was born with became serious, forcing me to undergo several intense surgeries that left me hobbling around on crutches

The point? I had zero self-esteem.

But somewhere along the line I fell in love with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Yes, the insecure German nerd falling in love with Arnold is a total cliche!

What can I say? He inspired me to get in shape, so I started going to the gym.

But that didn’t work… I had no clue what to do and it intimidated the hell out of me.

So I started working out at home.

Without weights, I experimented a lot and soon discovered my body responded like crazy to a different style of exercise:

Fast-paced, short workouts that amplified my metabolism and fat-burning... with “pulses” of heavy strength training (in the same workout) that ignited muscle growth

I didn’t know it then but these workouts were essentially a hybrid of high-intensity intervals (best way to get lean) and high “time-under-tension” lifting (best way to get big).

That’s Density Stacking in a nutshell.

It was wild.

My body changed fast.

Before long I was the guy other guys came to for advice.

I didn’t know it then but these workouts were essentially a hybrid of high-intensity intervals (best way to get lean) and high “time-under-tension” lifting (best way to get big).

Soon after, I’d packed on enough muscle and gotten in such good shape that I “went pro.”

From there, I had all the time in the world to workout...

Those short, fast hybrid workouts became the hours-long marathon sessions I told you about.

As my modeling career took off, I forgot about the strange, mixed strength-and-interval workouts that had transformed my body so quickly.

Then I started working with a new personal training client -- a busy physician named Errol

Like I mentioned, one of my goals after leaving professional fitness was to build my career.

I did that in two ways: real estate and personal training.

Errol was one of my first training clients.

He was a great guy -- committed to change and unafraid of hard work...

But also so busy that he couldn’t afford to workout more than 30 minutes per day.

So as I sat down to draft out his program... stumped and staring at a blank page... the memory of those old hybrid workouts roared back.

I knew they were the answer for Errol and his packed schedule...

But for mine as well.

Errol lost 35 pounds without marathon workouts or a rigid, miserable diet

And me?

I also started mixed workouts: harder, faster, and shorter...

And found it was pretty easy to stay lean and ripped, year-round...

Without it taking up hours each day.

Without sacrificing the rest of my life.

And without obsessing over my diet or giving up my favorite foods (like pizza and chocolate chip ice cream mmmm).

I’m also proud to say that as a former Elliptical Addict... I’ve now gone years without stepping on a cardio machine (just say NO to cardio!)

That’s the Magic of Density Stacking

Density Stacking does more than save time.

It’s a SUPERIOR way to exercise because your body responds better to a workout that mixes high-intensity and high-resistance.

Strip away the confusing formulas and other BS most trainers and fitness experts push on you… and getting a better body comes down to just three points.

I call them....

“The 3 Laws of Rapid Results
(and Looking Mega-Awesome)”

  1. How fast does your body “synthesize” new muscle?
  2. How much bodyfat do you burn every 24 hours?
  3. Does your body “prefer” to store the food you eat as fat or muscle?

It’s not hard to imagine how much bigger and leaner you get after maximizing these three areas…

If your body was rewired to automatically build muscle faster... to melt fat NONSTOP... and to stop storing food as fat and instead to use it as energy for more muscle growth.

Bottom line?

This simple 3-point framework will turn you into a metabolically-efficient, fat-burning machine with the body you want

It’s exactly what each Density Stacking workout causes to happen inside your body

Do This and You Can...

  • Get six-pack abs without a starvation diet (which I call an “I’d Rather DIE-t” - get it?), intermittent fasting, or going “Paleo” or “Keto” or any other fad diet that tells you certain foods are unhealthy and off-limits. My motto: reasonable trumps extreme.
  • Drop bodyfat without cardio
  • Enjoy going to restaurants and parties without watching yourself balloon at the smallest slip-up
  • Travel without “falling off the wagon” and setting yourself back
  • Enjoy life, stay consistent, and look better than ever in minutes per day without obsessing over missed workouts, “clean food,” or meal timing

Soon after helping Errol shed the unwanted fat (and getting my own abs back)...

I realized these simple, fast, and effective Density Stacking workouts were what MOST GUYS need. Something easy to stick to... but that gets great results fast.

That’s when Basement Beast was born.

Basement Beast and our unique form of training have changed the lives of thousands of men.

It’s now better than ever.

Because I’m always in my “lab” – learning from both the massive success we’ve had, but also from what hasn’t worked while also pushing myself to explore the outer limits of what’s possible in just a few minutes per day.

And the Density Stacking system that’s helped thousands of men lose tens of thousands of pounds of weight has now been upgraded and improved with even more focus on high-speed fat-loss and metabolic enhancement.

My highest-paying clients were the only guys who had access to this foolproof fat-loss system before today. But I’m now opening it up for you.


The Ultimate At-Home Fat Loss Program

14 Minutes per Day


14 Days


Up to 14 Pounds of Fat Loss

Can you work hard for 14 minutes per day for 14 days?

Then two weeks from now, you can be lighter and leaner -- much leaner

Get Shredded From Home
Just push play to follow along, guided through every workout

Bodyweight Only
No gym or equipment required. A few feet of floorspace is all it takes

Perfect For Any Fitness Level
Go at your speed and push your limit

Lose Up to

14 Pounds in the Next 14 Days

With ZERO...

  • Cardio
  • Marathon gym sessions
  • Fads or magic pills
  • No “eat this, avoid that” food restrictions and rules
  • Hunger or forced starvation

How is that possible?

You already learned cardio and cutting calories never work because they wear you out, run you down, chew through muscle, and slow your metabolism to a crawl.

These things cause your body to hoard its fat stores.

The unique hybrid intervals in Lean14 do the opposite.

  • Crank up your 24-hour fat-burning metabolism
  • Build new muscle
  • Shuttle the food you eat away from fat and toward energy that can be used to grow new muscle and workout harder.
The result: high-speed weight loss

Why Do Lean14?

The name says it all.

It’s the Ultimate At-Home Fat Loss Program.

If you want to lose weight fast... conveniently, from home... in as little time as possible, this is for you!

For the busy guy, there’s no better option.

But Lean14 is more than that.

Call it a challenge.
Call it a short-term win.
Call it what you want.

This program is a fat-loss launchpad -- it exists so you can prove to yourself that you can lose the weight, even if you’ve struggled in the past

Lean14 will show you what your body is capable of -- what you’re capable of -- no matter what’s stopped you from reaching your goals prior to today.