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The “All-In-One” Triple-T Stack*



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If you’ve been crushing your Basement Beast workouts, upping your body’s natural production of testosterone is the “turbocharger” you can add to the mix to torch more fat, build more muscle, and recover faster. (It also has the potential to help you feel more confident, skyrocket your performance in the bedroom, ward off depression and stress, and a bunch of other great benefits). The Triple-T Stack combines three very powerful herbs that have been extensively studied by researchers from Germany, the University of Fort Hare in South Africa, and Japan’s Environmental Health Science Laboratory… and this potent combination has the potential to dramatically raise not only TOTAL testosterone but more importantly, FREE testosterone (which is the form of bioavailable testosterone your body can actually use to give you that “edge”).

On top of these three core herbs, an added dose of the adaptogen Ashwagandha has now been added to the Triple-T Stack. 

Not only has ashwagandha been shown to further increase natural testosterone levels, it also supports healthy cortisol levels. That’s important because multiple studies have demonstrated that too much cortisol can have a damaging effect on a man’s natural testosterone production (and raise estrogen — something no man wants!). So adding Ashwagandha to the mix was an absolute no-brainer to round-out the most complete and comprehensive testosterone booster on the planet. 

The end result? The combination of all these herbs promotes natural testosterone production from all sides and has the potential to be dramatically superior to taking them individually. 

The best part of all is with the new Triple-T Stack, the Basement Beast team has put all of these crucial herbs into a single, “all-in-one” capsule so you can reap all the benefits of this synergistic stack with none of the hassles of purchasing multiple supplements and “mixing and matching” servings. Ready to feel the “High T” difference?






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